Add a Ball

with William Pennington


I am not an entertainer, but fearful of a life without fun, which surrounds all around us, in those mundane activities that happen hundreds of times a day.  So many times I've left fun off my daily menu, not realizing how much I needed it, like a vitamin that that I sometimes forget to take, stubbornly, as if I'm too grown up (whatever that means anymore).

Add a Ball is but one of those places where Vitamin F resides for me, and its strange that its not busy all day.  We as humans can play these great games but 99.9% of Seattlites probably choose not to come here, perhaps because they will "someday" in their minds.

Not everyone has the same idea for fun at the same age, so maybe that kid inside you already played enough games, and is now ready for something with a little more challenge.  But I think some of these people are only pretending to try to be grown up...because fun surrounds us now, everywhere we go.  It always did.  Fun is inside you, and if you're not having fun at this time in your life, I think you better start now.

Fun + Seattle = Add a Ball

The art of the machines is something of a cult comic beauty, as glimpses of my childhood flash before my eyes, or my dad's eyes, as he may have once played these very games somewhere in a bar in Minnesota, before he spent the next 30 years of his life breaking his back and raising us kids.  I'd like to think that these games will last forever, but they may not, so enjoy them while you can.

Add a Ball is easy to find, hard to park next to:  36th and Phinney Ave