Bruce Lee's Grave

with William Pennington


Growing up across the street from a funeral home in the midwest, cemeteries were never part of our routine, rare to visit loved ones or even visit to bask in the serenity of the was always a place to walk or drive past, knowing in the back of our heads that someday we too would rest in a similar fashion.

Having ones own plot at a young age (as I do), means I can plan ahead.  I am bound by no legal contract to keep my own plot civil or the same as all the others.  I've thought many times about decorating my plot around Halloween, but I don't live nearby, and I don't think my parents are in the mood for this juvenile hi jinx.

These are my thoughts when I visit any cemetery...and they are very peaceful places to go. In Brooklyn, Halloween comes alive with creepy tours and great special effects.  At LA's Hollywood Cemetery, events are being held constantly. Its a great venue, apparently. In Seattle's most famous cemetery lay one of the most revered people in all of Seattle pop culture history.  I go to Lake View Cemetery about once a year, as everyone should, to remind myself of our ultimate fate, with enough interesting places here to last an hour. 

The Denny Party is here, the Borens, the Nordstroms...but also a curious stone labeled "Typographical Union #202".

Also, try to find the Confederate Memorial, which is unusual in its own right.  On the North side of the cemetery (outside of the gates) is a contesting Union Army of the Republic park, as if the two sides will constantly be at war, thousands of miles away from any Civil War battle.

Bruce Lee's grave is but one reason to visit the cemetery, but also check it all out. There is also a book about it.