Cannabis City

with William Pennington


I've been to Cannabis City many times, wanting to get a feel for a part of Seattle's history.  Being the first legal pot shop in the city, will we look at this store 100 years from now with as much reverence as Pioneer Square's Merchant Cafe, the J + M, or the Central Saloon (taverns which have been granted historical Seattle significance)?  Granted those are social hangouts and this is a retail store, so perhaps the first liquor store in Seattle is a better equivalent.  Even so, selling a substance that society deems a vice is an accomplishment.  Many attempts throughout history have been taken to close both taverns and pot shops alike.  I have many questions regarding this and Cannabis City itself, so I've contacted owner Dr James Lathrop (Doctor of Nursing Practice), hoping to help answer them.  

While he agreed to an interview, he is extremely busy and we have gone back and forth many times trying to find a time that we could meet, but as of this date we have not met.   Below, please find my questions.  I asked many of my friends for their input, as many of them seem more competent in their MMJ knowledge than I do.  I am mostly interested in the historical significance of the shop.



Will marijuana lose any of its appeal when because it is legal and ubiquitous?  I mean, is part of the allure the fact that it's been illegal and there's a certain subculture around it that perhaps won't exist anymore when more and more people use it and it isn't seen as subversive in any way?

My uncle wanted to ask, when did weed become so abundant that no one bothered to cut it with oregano?

Assuming you have measured highs - do you guarantee your doses ?

Is there any age group more likely to buy ?

In an historical context, do you think your store be "remembered" like one of the first places to sell liquor after prohibition ended.  Perhaps one day a hundred years from now it will be like the Merchant Cafe, the J + M, or the Central Saloon.  

I've worked with cafe baristas who didn't like coffee and teachers who didn't like children. How many people do you know in the business that don't smoke?

What are your thoughts on the use of CBD to calm people who may be suffering from panic-paranoia?

What is the most "boring" way to ingest weed? Pills?  There is a certain fun level to a bong or a joint.

Do you worry about security at your store?

Has the novelty worn off in sales?

So l I really like dive bars and old crusty diners, and am looking for the cannabis store equivalent. I see most every pot store is swanky or trying to look like an exclusive club. Are there places here in Seattle that are just a regular store?

Is it just a matter of time until Marlboro or Camel sells weed cigarettes?

Those cigarette companies have pretty famous mascots too. Have any mascots developed in the weed industry?

Why do some people claim to be addicted to marijuana, when it's technically not even an addictive substance?