Capitol Hill Value Village

with William Pennington


As of this writing, this store is no more, sadly, due to the bastard of a presence that is the raising rent of Capitol Hill.  This being a hip neighborhood, Value Village had a stronghold on the Seattle thrift shop scene.  But at least three new thrift and vintage shops sprang up on Capitol Hill since Macklemore's mediocre but fun song about thrift shopping, further diluting the market, which didn't help their business.  Which one will close next?

It's hard to write something for a store that no longer exists, but it does illustrate a point I've made to many friends before:  Enjoy these places before its too late, not only because they're fun, but to know and understand Seattle history.

As a historical building (or at least it should be), I do hope the insides remain intact. The staple ridden tile floors made it seem like someone intentionally had an all night sadomasochistic stapling orgy.

Whatever comes next might not be that big a deal to the dwindling number of regular folk who live on Capitol Hill.  Value Village, and any thrift store really, kept a sense of normalcy about the neighborhood, as it was (and remains) aimed at the lower (and best) class.

In an interview more than 20 years ago, Kurt Cobain described his love for the thrift shop, and how having money wasn't as fun because he could just buy the whole store. I wonder if he ever shopped in this particular location

Former Capitol HIll Value Village: 11th and Pine (