with William Pennington


Oh, to see some of your favorite childhood movie stars from the 80s...Crypticon has them almost every year, never disappointing in energy and fun.  The guy from Gremlins (Zach Galligan) shook my hand easily, who was sitting next to the guy from Re-Animator (Jeffrey Combs), who was sitting next to Eric Roberts (Eric Roberts gave me two fist bumps!)...all these actors older than you think, but still slightly recognizable.  Combs signed my poster for free cause he thought I bought it at his table. He didn't was Sunday, the day they wanna get outta there after fake smiling for cash for three days. He even signed it "!"  Minutes later I walk to the next table, head down, looking at the photos, not wanting to make eye contact cause I didn't want to buy anything.  I look up, and Eric Roberts is just looking at me, fist bump waiting, and I happily oblige (a fist bump, from Eric Roberts!), having just watched his Runaway Train he did with Jon Voigt (trailer), which won Eric an Academy Award nomination, which I brought up quickly.  He only smiled and nodded, "that's a good one," he said cooly, and gave me another fist bump (two!)

That's the kind of place Crypticon is, small but full of minor stars you probably recognize, looking for a little attention.  On Sundays, my favorite day to attend, these stars seem their loneliest. Lines are the shortest, if any, and they're bored enough to yearn to talk to you for a few minutes.  It's not even pathetic.  Well, maybe it is.

Last year, the car from Christine was about $15 to touch it, which I declined, as I could see it thru the curtains and got so close to it I could feel its energy.  I even texted a friend immediately, hoping to send some of that evil energy thru my phone into his, just for fun.  No's just a car.

The big guy from those early Rob Zombie films (Sid Haig) shook my hand last year, almost instinctively, after I just nudged his shoulder while coming off the elevator, which I shared with another guy from Devil's Rejects (William Forsythe). People you recognize are here, amongst the crowd, just hanging out.  It's very strange, yet entirely comfortable.

Less glamour and more fun that Comic Con, I let the horror geek flag that I didn't even know I had fly when I'm here.  Quite possibly the one event I look forward to most, here in Seattle.

Be prepared to spend $100, if any of the above sounds fun or interesting.  You will get carried away, I promise.  And why the hell not?

The Anubis Hearse Society out front, Lurch from the Addams Family giving you the stink eye, and that used to be somebody female actress who you probably saw nude in an 80s slasher film as a kid and forgot...they're all here. That's why I go, the love of horror and being amongst a fun crowd who is beyond friendly and understanding of your low hanging jaw.

Crypticon is at the Hilton, down by the airport, directly across from the SeaTac airport light rail stop, and admission is $20 on Sundays, $25 on Saturdays, and $30 on Friday. Always on Memorial Day weekend, late May.