My first interview for the podcast, yet not my last...I've interviewed many people over the years, formally and informally, but never on tape, never on topic...its a little confusing how words you say and people you meet get together on tape, and how they sound when you play it back, staying in the back of your mind forever.

I like Dendroica because it seems to understand quietude, and also what art is, and what it could be...without the wine snob snootiness...yet this gallery, this tiny space on Capitol Hill is wedged between an abandoned coffee shop, a dry cleaners that feels like a drive thru, and an apartment which also shares a door with the upper floor of this gallery.

And when I think of all the galleries I've been to in Seattle, there aren't many that I would look forward going to...this one seems to be for people like me...unassuming, unpretentious, and down to earth. Comfortable for shy people.

Making your own art is pretty hard, and the art here at Dendroica makes me feel better about my own style...and while my own comic strip may not be as good as the greats (it's not), I am still making "a thing", which feels good after too many years of procrastination...then I'm onto the next project and its many emotional pitfalls, as many artists similarly struggle with.  Being a writer, I always prefer the words to any pictures in a comic, but its the pictures that I really look at first, and what catches my eye, and then if the words don't catch up to those pictures, it just seems odd...but they both work in this harmony that I can't explain.

Dendroica is at Olive and Harvard/Boylston, across from the equally as interesting Artful Dodger Tattoo and Comic Shop.  

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