with William Pennington


The man who runs the register is the unassuming know all (not know it all) type of guy, on the chamber of commerce in Georgetown, and really cares about the entire neighborhood.  He has stories of celebrity walk in, and if you're lucky, you'll get to hear a time he opened up about Dave Grohl needing part of his music collection for his HBO show, and/or Kevin Smith walking in with Jay, carrying a large microphone thing, not knowing they were taping a podcast.  I"m not even sure he knows what a podcast is...but Marc Maron taped a few podcasts back in the back room I love so much, and Stephen Colbert stopped in while his plane was delayed at nearby Boeing airfield, buying a copy of a book he wrote an introduction for.  The guy knows all.

The last time I was here was just last month, when Daniel Clowes, of Eightball and Ghostworld fame, came in to sign his latest book.  The line may have been long, but that didn't stop those eager to shake his hand.  It stopped me though, as I just bought a few back issues from that back room, and paid at the cash register while Clowes was sitting two feet from me, signing his autograph...seems like an interesting guy, and smaller than I thought he'd be.  That was all I needed.

That night, though, there was a young child warming up the room, as if he were a comedian, and I assume he was the clerks son.  He was great, and he even mentioned the adult magazines in the adjacent room. He just might be the future of that store.

Catch the 60, 106, or 124 bus to Georgetown, a place where everyone might just wanna live if it were easier to get to. Even driving there is frustrating, as I often have gotten stuck somewhere in SODO near the Costco. I guess they might want it that way.  

I once read a bumper sticker that said, "Flush twice, its a long way to Georgetown".  I'm not really sure what that means, exactly.  Perhaps Georgetown was once a shitty place, where all shitty things ended up.  It doesn't make sense now, with the revival of this neighborhood.  

Besides reminding visitors of Portland, Georgetown has lots to offer, and they are lucky to have Fantagraphics.  Lucky.

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