Howell Street Grocery

with William Pennington


Walking in, checkered tile floor coming scuffed and chipped, I welcome the smell in my nose as I press my face against the glass and see that last two pieces of golden fried Ethiopian infused fried chicken, and I ask for a breast and a leg, reminding me of childhood times when my best friend and I would ask a convenience chain store clerk in the Midwest for her two "biggest breasts", one for each of us.  Three different friends of mine from three different states have tried this yummy treat, and each time they laughed at me for telling them just how good it is.  But soon they converted as they sank their teeth in.  If there was a cult of fried chicken lovers, this would be one of their headquarters.

The guy behind the counter always smiles bashfully when I ask about restaurant plans, putting his palms in the air, as if to say "Please stop embarrassing me, I know this chicken kicks ass".

This building may seem crumbly, and in much need of repairs, so this is definitely on the gotta see it before it closes list, as the next door Redwood tavern seems constantly rumored to close.


Howell Street Grocery: On the corner of Belmont and Howell St (