The Tao of HEre in Seattle

At Here in Seattle,  I seek for no particular thing, and I strive to seek no particular place, unless you would call the Tao a place. The Tao I seek is not in Seattle, necessarily.  It is here, it is everywhere. It is a feeling I get whenever I find a place that agrees with my true self.  I say this a lot to myself, but the opposite seems to be true sometimes. 

If you feel like you know of such a place, and I have not written about it or mentioned it on my podcast, please email me at, and I will explore it.

On most weekends, I do not have a schedule, or drive with much haste.  If Seattle skyscrapers were the woods, I would be the type who wanders with no particular place to go.  I'd break twigs, kick tree stumps, pick up odd shaped rocks, examining the uniqueness of each and every bug or animal that I would see. There is no "plan" for Here in Seattle.  It is merely an art project that I can't get enough of.  Seattle is more interesting than any other city I've ever lived in, and I want to share what I've discovered.



Here in Seattle accepts no advertising dollars from any of the companies or persons mentioned.  This is a free flowing site designed to mainly inform the reader of the many interesting people, activities, and events that can be found in Seattle. Please feel free to distribute any or all information gathered within.  Most of the information you read is factual, while the other is narrative.  All of it is intended to be educational and interesting. There are a few sources dedicated to Seattle locations that are no longer open (Lost Seattle, Vanishing Seattle), but this site is not really one of them.  Here in Seattle focuses on what IS here, and tries to explain why it is unique and interesting. 

At no point does Here in Seattle accept responsibility for any accident occurred while visiting said location.  If injured, please make sure to take care of yourself and use your best judgement on whether to call for the ambulance ($$$) or just catch an Uber to Harborview yourself.  Also, reader agrees to make no mention of Here in Seattle or William Pennington in any (ANY!) court of law.  Doing so would void any implied moral contract agreed upon by readership or listenership to the scarcely known podcast.  Finally, any and all hate mail (or love mail) should be directed to, in advance of any phone calls. Actually, please hold off on any calls.

Thank you for your time, and good luck in your search for meaning in this world.


About the Podcast

You may notice that the podcast has little to no production value.  While I enjoy listening to well produced material, this is not one of them.  The content on the podcast is meant to be a quick history lesson of Seattle, which is what I care about most.  The "on location" aspect is unique, but even I admit that I wish I were skilled in the art of sound editing.