My Second T Shirt started at the preschool I work at.  I noticed all the "My First ______" tshirts that the infants would wear, and marveled in disbelief at how much parents spend on their children in buying expensive and super specific items such as a "My First Easter" or a "My First Fireworks" shirt.  

My idea was to produce a line of fun shirts for their SECOND time.  Besides the classics of My Second Christmas, I thought up many fun ways to explore a child's second milestone of lesser known events, such as My Second Bigfoot Sighting, My Second Chainsaw Massacre, or My Second Reason for a Corporate Job.  These are only meant to entertain, and not really designed for profits, as they are only $6 to cover the costs of the shirts.  

Each shirt is personalized differently, with only the "My Second" words and the Bigfoot guy logo my friend drew for me.  The idea possibilities for this are endless.

Enjoy them here