Myrtle Edwards Park

with William Pennington


Those rocks, those giant wonderful boulders on the shores of Myrtle Edwards Park, just north of Downtown, make it seem as if it given me one more reason to live, one big fun reason...but it can't be only to let me survey and search for treasure down by the Sound....There are so many other reasons to love this spot, the sunsets over the Olympics, the breeze, the smell of the ocean water...but those rocks - they hide you and protect us all from another beach filled with tourists.  This type of waterfront is for Seattlites.  They would also be a perfect place to sleep for the night, in the summer...Last time I was there, I found 8 (eight!) one foot X one foot X one foot wood blocks, covered in dried tar and smelling like diesel. What the hell are they?  I brought one home hoping to make a table or stool, but the smell never went away...still hasn't...can't even light it on fire cause that would be worse for the air than normal wood.  

While my girlfriend naps in the shade, I watch the passersby, and saw their dogs and their running shoes and across the park I noticed the homeless also sleeping in the shade...nice bizarre mix of strangers converging at this one spot...It's a park beloved by all who know of it.  But it's an area well protected by most bus routes, so to get here is a trek and not for the weak willed.  There is no bathroom, unless you either go way North to the fishing piers or way South to the Sculpture Park...It's as if some people don't want us to linger or enjoy ourselves for too long.  It's the only thing I don't like about this park.