The Worlds Largest Goodwill

with William Pennington


Unfortunately, my girlfriend no longer works here, but it doesn't change the way I feel about the place. Its loud, smelly, crowded, and still the worlds largest.

It doesn't look as big on the outside, but I think a lot of it is built inside of the hill, underneath the street.  It has dug itself quite a large nest to roost.  If you know what I mean.

There's no way one could (or should) browse the entire store in one visit.  While technically possible, the quality of your visit diminishes the longer your stay, as our brain and body haven't the endurance to last, to concentrate and to focus on each item in this store.  It would be hard to ask that of anyone.

The best strategy is to arrive on Sunday afternoons or evenings.  While this is a busy time for the restocking employees, the customer level is much lower than, say, Fridays or Saturdays (the busiest times to come).

While I'm saddened that my girlfriend doesn't work here, or get the employee discount, she did work until 1am most evenings, having to wait around near the super sketchy bus stop until 2am.  So I'm happy about that. How did I ever sleep at night?

This place lacks the same amount of character of the old Capitol Hill Value Village, but it makes up for it in quantity and sales unique to this store (i.e. the Glitter Sale)...its still an old dumpy warehouse in the back, so it has that going for it. And its also contains a separate site for a job training facility for anyone who needs a job skills, which is a great thing.  

Worlds Largest Goodwill: Dearborn and Rainier Ave