UNDER ThE montlake bridge

with William Penington


Under the Montlake Bridge is where this all started

It doesn't take a Robert Frost poem crammed in your face since you were a kid to realize the best things in life aren't on the map, and that you should take the road you really want to travel.  Here in Seattle won't take you to obvious places, but I will take you to the lesser known places, and perhaps help us understand what this city is all about, inch by inch, block by block.

I hope you enjoy getting to know and understand Seattle the way I do.  Never content with typical interesting places, I yearn for the beyond interesting, and intend to share what I find.  My podcast, also called Here in Seattle, can be found on iTunes, and is in small 5 minute episodes, always recorded on location.

I do this for free, so that others can extract what they will from their city.  This is your city if you live here, and should you explore it, it will change right before your eyes, as character is torn down and replaced with something you may not enjoy as much.  Some of my favorite hole in the wall places have already been replaced by something new, or re-branded entirely.  This is a time for many changes in this city, as more and more dirty cracks and crevices are smoothed and polished.  There are few undeveloped blocks in Seattle city limits.

This is a writing project and experiment, and I hope you enjoy and explore as much as you feel the need to.

Montlake Bridge: 24th Ave and the Montlake cut

Bridge history: www.historylink.org/index.cfm?displaypage=output.cfm&file_id=10170

WP, 2015