University Trailer Park

with William Pennington


When I was a mailman in the midwest 15 years ago, my route brought me to a few unique neighborhoods.  First, I had a bunch of local blue collar businesses, then to a middle class suburbun area, then to a wealthy neighborhood with mansions and a country club.  

Finally I delivered to two trailer parks, right next to each other.  It was 15 years ago and I still remember names and addresses, and can visualize my route.

Those trailer parks were great in that they had an entirely different sense of community than most other neighborhoods. Poor people...really poor people, act with a little more desperation.  Every letter, every package was met with either anxiousness or thankfulness. I received many homemade gifts, cookies, and warm thank you's.

On Christmas one year, I was asked to deliver packages for the day, which I thought was interesting.  The packages to the wealthy mansions were met with an "eh, just put it over there" nonchalance that made me wonder why I volunteered for Christmas delivery.  When I came to the trailer park, and knocked on their doors, I was met with as much excitement as you can imagine.  It's the closest I'll ever come to being a real live Santa.

I really don't know anything about University Trailer Park or the residents who live there.  I hope its a safe place to live, and is filled with good people.

UPDATE: the sign is down and the park is closed (10/18)